If We Eliminate Septic Systems By Providing A Public Sewer System, Where Does The Nitrogen Go?
  • A public wastewater system would include a sewer system. Property owners whose septic systems must be eliminated would be required to connect to those sewers.
  • The sewer system would lead to a new wastewater treatment plant. That plant would:
    • Remove large percentages of all the major contaminants found in wastewater
    • Use special bacteria to convert the ammonia and organic forms of nitrogen to the gaseous form which can be released harmlessly to the atmosphere.
    • Include a very efficient disinfection system that would virtually eliminate all pathogenic material.
  • The purified liquid leaving the plant could be safely recharged to the groundwater or it could be re-used for irrigation.
  • The residual nitrogen that might be recharged to the groundwater must be accounted for in the overall nitrogen management program.
    • In the best case, the residual nitrogen is discharged to the groundwater in the watershed of one of the coastal waters that has surplus assimilative capacity.
    • It is also possible to discharge the residual nitrogen to the groundwater in the watershed of a nitrogen-sensitive coastal water, but only if more septic systems are eliminated to offset that increased nitrogen load.

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