When do you perform these inspections?

Inspections are conducted Monday through Friday between 9 am and 3:30 pm. Fieldwork is a year-round enterprise for us and we've tried to instill a sense of regularity with our efforts. The annual fieldwork schedule looks something like this:

  • Residential building permits are visited in late December, January and early February every year in order to ascertain how complete the work is on January 1st.
  • Any property that records an arms-length sale is visited 1 month or so after the deed is recorded to ensure that the price paid for the property reflects the property's physical status on the sale date.
  • Abatement applications are scheduled with the assessor for mid-to-late February and early March to ensure that we haven't made any critical data mistakes and give the appellant an opportunity to talk at length with the assessor.
  • Cyclical inspections are conducted beginning in mid-March and are usually concluded before Memorial Day weekend.
  • Commercial building permits and business personal property accounts are visited in late August.

Your most recent inspection date can be found on your property's field card, which you can find by visiting our Online Assessment Database. If your property is due for a cyclical inspection, you'll find a notice from our office stuck in your front door 2 weeks before the scheduled date letting you know that we're coming. While we're able to guarantee the day we'll be there, we're unable to guarantee a specific time. If the day on your letter doesn't work for you, please give us a call and we'll try to find a date that works better for you.

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