What is a Tree Hearing?

Healthy street trees cannot be cut down - either at the request of residents or the Tree Warden - without a hearing. The date and time of this hearing is publicized on a placard affixed to the tree, in the legal notices section of the local Orleans newspaper, the Department of Public Works website, or Town Hall.

Anyone who objects to the removal must protest by writing to the Tree Warden or by appearing at the scheduled hearing. The removal request will be turned down if there are any objections. In this case, the resident who wants the tree cut down can file an appeal with the Board of Selectmen.

Residents who ask for removal of a healthy street tree are legally responsible for all costs associated with this process, including notification, conducting the hearing, removing the tree, and planting a replacement in a nearby location.

The Tree Warden identifies street trees for removal all throughout the year. The Tree Warden also keeps an eye out for hazardous dead limbs. Pruning and removal work takes place year-round, depending on weather conditions.

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