Historical Commission


The Orleans Historical Commission was established by Town Meeting in 1965 under Chapter 40, Section 8d of Massachusetts General Laws. The Commission seeks to preserve the rich historical legacy of Orleans through public education, advocacy, applying the Town's demolition delay bylaw, and the development and implementation of programs geared to the preservation of our historic buildings and spaces.


NameTitleTerm Expires
Ron Petersen
June 30, 2025
Joan Nix
June 30, 2025
William WibelMember
June 30, 2024
Edmund MarcarelliMember
June 30, 2026
Charles Ellis
June 30, 2026
Francis Mustaro
Associate Member
June 30, 2026
David HerrickAssociate MemberJune 30, 2024
Mefford RunyonSelect Board Liaison