Welcome to the Town of Orleans Procurement Web page. The Town of Orleans welcomes vendors, suppliers, and contractors who are interested in doing business with the Town. We are committed to providing fair competition, uniform contracting, transparency, and excellent customer service. 

The Town Manager serves as the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) responsible for the purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment, and services for the Town. The Town of Orleans offers an online platform for all Bids & Proposals. By registering interested parties can view current bid opportunities as well as sign up to receive notifications when bids become available. Please visit our Bids & Proposals page to view open projects for bids.

Contact the Procurement Director Mihaela Miteva at with any procurement questions. 

The Procurement Director under the direction and oversight of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) provides the following services:

Invitations for Bids (IFB) and Request for Proposals (RFP) - Provides preparation, administration, and oversight of the bidding and RFP process, negotiating and contracting for goods, services, energy, and construction projects.  The Chief Procurement Officer is responsible for the compliance of the Town with the Massachusetts General Laws as they pertain to procurement and to ensure that municipal funds are spent in the most cost-effective means possible.


Invitation for Bid and Request for Proposal page - Manages and maintains the Town of Orleans procurement page for the posting of all advertised IFBs and RFPs and related bid opening information and documents are available free of charge for download for all registered for the IFB or RFP specifications.


Surplus Disposition – The CPO is responsible for the proper disposal of Town property and assets by declaring unneeded material, equipment, or excess inventory as surplus for disposal in accordance with Town policies and facilitating the process for disposal based on residual value by appropriate disposal or recycling, resale by auction or advertised bidding process.  Also supports the Property Management office in the advertised bidding process when applicable for the disposal of surplus property by sale in accordance with Section 16 of Chapter 30B.


Bidding procedures are governed by Massachusetts General Laws: MGL Chapter 30 B, Section 5; MGL Chapter 30, Section 39M; Chapter 149 and MGL  Chapter 7C, Section 44-58. The Town of Orleans has the right to reject any and all bids or proposals if determined to be in the Town's best interests to do so.

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