Address Domestic Violence

Parents arguing in front of a child"Domestic violence" refers to many kinds of abuse committed by a member of a family, a household, or an intimate partner against another member of the family, household, or against the intimate partner. "Domestic Violence" also refers to many forms of abuse committed by one person against another in certain dating relationships or engagements.

You can seek a court order to protect yourself if your abuser:

  • Harms you physically
  • Tries to harm you physically
  • Makes you afraid that serious physical harm is going to happen to you
  • Threatens, pressures or forces you to have sex

This court order is to protect you from further harm. It is called an "abuse prevention order," a "restraining order," or a "209A."

"Domestic violence" is sometimes called "battering," and it also refers to abusive patterns of power and control in family, household, and intimate partner relationships.

Please visit, where you will find answers to many of your questions, as well as forms you can download. You can also call the Orleans Police Department and speak with any of our officers.