Conflict of Interest Training

Chapter 28, Section 84 of the Acts of 2009 amended the Massachusetts Conflict of Interest Law and imposed mandatory education and training requirements on public employers and on individuals who are defined by the State Ethics Commission as "public employees":

  • All elected public positions, whether compensated or uncompensated
  • All compensated, full-time public employee and official positions.
  • All compensated, part-time public employee and official positions

Any position, including volunteer positions, whether chosen by election, appointment, or otherwise, in which the employee personally serves in or provides services to a public agency, whether paid or unpaid, and participates in or has responsibility for any government decision-making, contracting, hiring, investigation or any other discretionary government action or otherwise has or exercises governmental authority

As a public employee under this law, you must receive a copy of the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees, which may be downloaded from this page. A paper copy of the Summary may also be obtained from the offices of the Town Manager or Town Clerk. The acknowledgment of receipt (the last page of the summary) must be filed with the Town Clerk within ten days of your election or appointment

As a public employee, you are also required to take online training through the State Ethics Commission. The program designed specifically for municipal public employees is available through the Commission's online training website. All necessary instructions and technical support may be accessed through this training website.

The State Ethics Commission website provides additional information on the Conflict of Interest Law as well as other related state statutes.

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