Reassurance Program

An officer serves citizens at the Reassurance Program luncheonThe Orleans Police Department sponsors a Reassurance Program available to any resident or visitor to the town, no matter how temporary the membership. The basis of this Reassurance Program is a daily check-in from the participants beginning at any time in the morning before 10 am. If we do not hear from a member by 10 am, the call taker will call them. If no response, a police cruiser will be dispatched to the residence.

The Orleans Police Department requires a key from any member on the Reassurance Program who lives in a single-family dwelling in case of emergency, to gain entry. We have a specified key cabinet for reassurance members' keys. This cabinet is kept in the safe, which is in the dispatch area. There are also condominium complexes in our community where many of the reassurance members live. These complexes have keys available to the police through caretakers, maintenance personnel, etc. in case an emergency occurs.

If a member forgets to call, the police would be notified. In our town, we work very closely with the Council on Aging in case we feel that a participant may need extra care or supervision.

Once a year, the Orleans Police Relief Association sponsors a luncheon for all the members of the Reassurance Program. The officers and association members serve the meal. The police department provides transportation, if necessary, to any member who is unable to drive.

Overall, this program is becoming a vital part of the Orleans community, as the population of senior citizens is expanding. We have had children of reassurance members, who live in other communities, insist that their parent be put on this program, as it keeps them assured as well. One year, 5 potential tragedies were averted due to this program. The Reassurance Program has proven its worth time and time again and the citizens of the Town of Orleans, as they have communicated numerous times, are very grateful.

If you are a resident or visitor to the town, no matter how temporary the membership, and would like to take part in the Reassurance Program, please download the Reassurance Sign-Up Form (PDF), print and then fill out the form, and return it to the Orleans Police Department.