Project Life Saver

A searcher using the system to find someoneFamilies with a member who has Alzheimer's disease face many challenges such as medical treatment, increased financial burdens and the stress of caring for a loved one with a debilitating disease. Adding to the strain is the fact that more than half of people with Alzheimer's are prone to wander and get lost. If they are not located quickly, they can become injured or die.

Orleans, Eastham and Brewster police departments possess the equipment we hope will provide a larger safety net for individuals with Alzheimer's living in the 3 communities. The radio band system can be also used for people with autism and Down's syndrome, particularly if they are young, and children who are deaf.

Officers from the 3 departments have completed training through Project Lifesaver to learn search and rescue techniques using a radio direction finder to locate a person wearing a special wristband with a radio beacon.

With an increasingly aging population on the Cape, the chance for local police and rescue personnel responding to missing person calls is likely to rise.

During a search, the radio receiver is used to hone in on the signal being broadcast from the wristband.

If you or a loved one are interested in the Project Lifesaver program, please contact Officer Riley McDonough at the Orleans Police Department at 508-255-0117, ext. 1253.

Project Lifesaver: Bringing Loved Ones HomeWatch a short video on Project Lifesaver.