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Mass Access

We are a statewide organization that is a chapter of the Alliance for Community Media, an international organization, that educates the general public and MassAccess members about public access and community media throughout the world.

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OpenCape's purpose is to fulfill the need for a regional communications network to enhance education, research, and economic development, and provide for an emergency communications network in times of crisis.

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Department of Telecommunications & Cable

The Department of Telecommunications and Cable (DTC) regulates telecommunications and cable operators in Massachusetts according to the laws of the Commonwealth and the federal government. Our mission is to support competition in telecommunications and cable services in Massachusetts and to protect the public interest by ensuring that customers of these services are treated consistently with our regulations.

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Digital TV Transition

TV Converter Box Coupon Program

Digital TV (DTV) Answers

By law, full-power television stations nationwide must begin broadcasting exclusively in a digital format on February 17, 2009. Digital television is an innovative type of broadcasting technology that will give you crystal-clear pictures and sound, and more programming choices than ever before.

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