Administrative Review of Proposed Construction Projects

Application Uses

Any proposed construction projects within the Conservation Commission's jurisdiction of 100 feet to a wetland area, that produce little or no impact on any interests of the Wetlands Bylaw such as erosion, sedimentation control, wildlife habitat, water quality, or aesthetics may be decided by the Commission with this application.


  1. Submit the attached application form to the Conservation office. Include any photographs, sketch plans, etc you feel might be helpful in describing your project.
  2. Please make sure any trees proposed for removal are clearly marked and visible to the Conservation Administrator upon site inspection.
  3. A filing fee of $20 is due at the time of submittal. (Cash or check made payable to "Town of Orleans - Conservation Department").


  1. The Conservation Administrator will conduct a site visit to view the proposed work area.
  2. The application will be put on the agenda for the next available Conservation Commission meeting.
  3. The Conservation Administrator will describe the information from the application and site visit to the Commission.
  4. The Commission will decide to either: approve the project, ask for more information, or deny the project and request a different type of application.
  5. A copy of the application with notification of the Commission's decision will be mailed to the Applicant. Some approved applications will note Special Conditions decided by the Commission of which the applicant must follow.
  6. An approved application is valid for 1 year.

Application Form

Administrative Review of Proposed Construction Projects (PDF)