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Easy, online language learning system for libraries
Geneaological Database
world’s largest online family history resource — including historical records, photos, stories, family trees and a collaborative community of millions.
Online Reference through Statewide databases. This database is searchable with funds from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners &
Massachusetts Library System with state funds and Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services ( funds.
A rich electronic resource by Cengage containing the following databases: Academic OneFile, General OneFile, Biography in context, Criminal Justice Collection, Culinary Arts Collection, Educator's Reference Complete, Environmental Studies and Policy Collection, Expanded Academic ASAP, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection, General Businessfile ASAP, General Reference Center Gold, Health Reference Center Academic, Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection, Massachusetts Online History, The New York Times from 1985, Nursing and Allied Health Collection, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection, Science in Context, Student Edition plus many more.
Consumer Reports online & Cars Best Deals Username: SnowLibrary1
Password: 67MainSt.
An up-to-date A-Z guide on science, policy, and social issues related to the global environment.
A database which allows users to search the Massachusetts Historical Commission database for information on historic properties and areas in the Commonwealth
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Morningstar® Investment Research Center offers public, corporate, and academic libraries real-time access to comprehensive data and independent analysis on thousands of investments, spanning mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds. Customized to meet any organization’s needs, Investment Research Center serves all levels of investors with a range of dynamic tools and thoughtful perspectives to help them make more informed investment decisions.
Wall Street Journal
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Search the Boston globe through Proquest. This Boston Globe online version is from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners &
Massachusetts Library System with state funds and Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services ( funds.
Local newspaper covering news from the lower Cape from (7/29/2005 - Current)
1851-2005. Proquest Historical Extra Edition New York Times. Remote login is 08-39650REMOTE . Password is bigchalk
Now you can search these two local newspapers online: The Cape Cod Times ((11/1/1998 - Current) and The Cape Codder (7/29/2005 - Current).
To view digitized versions of the Cape Codder newspaper from 1946 to 2001 go to the special collections tab on the Snow Library home page.
Value Line Investment Survey serves as a comprehensive, multifaceted investment management solution used by both individual and professional investors to conduct basic research, formulate sound investment strategies, identify timely opportunities and make smart investment decisions.
The most popular review of products and services available through Infotrac OneFile
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The Guide covers diseases, disorders, treatments, procedures, specialties, anatomy, biology, and issues in an A-Z format, with sidebars addressing recent developments in medicine and concise information boxes for all diseases and disorders.

Discover historical documents in electronic format which span the ages
The most popular source for information on famous works of literature from classic to modern
The American Revolution, is arranged around seven themes:
Founding Documents
Speeches and Political Tracts
The Revolution in Letters
Political Sermons
The Voice of Formation and Dissent
Native American Narratives
African Slave Narratives
Exploration and Colonial America, is arranged around six themes:
Journals of Exploration
Reports of New World Settlement
Early Political Tracts on Self Governing
Sermons and Narratives on Religious Life
Narratives on Colonial Life
Slavery and Indentured Servitude
This comprehensive four-volume set covers all aspects of complementary and alternative medicine, both past and present, providing sound medical advice on a controversial and sometimes confusing field.
Barron's online is the best way to get daily new features and get additional commentary that analyzes stocks and markets and looks ahead.
Covering thousands of years of intricate creation tales, A Dictionary of Creation Myths is the first and most comprehensive work devoted to creation myths from cultures throughout the world. With an easy-to-use A-Z format, this around-the-world tour provides quick access to information on the beliefs (both exotic and ordinary) of ancient civilizations from Sumeria and Babylonia to Egypt, Greece, and ancient Rome, from India and China to Japan and Indonesia, as well as the rich mythological history of Native Americans, the indigenous peoples of Australia, and many other cultures.
Since Plato first coined the term 'mythologia', mythology has come to hold greater significance and power as a crucial element of civilization as a whole. Written by a leading scholar of ancient civilizations, A Dictionary of World Mythology presents the powerful gods of Greece, Rome, and Scandinavia, the more mystical deities of Buddhist and Hindu India, and the stern spirits of the African and American continents.
For the first time in this innovative reference book the Romantic Age is surveyed across all aspects of British culture, rather than in literary or artistic terms alone. The Companion's two-part structure presents forty-two essays on major topics, by leading international experts, cross-referenced to an extensive alphabetical section covering all the principal figures, events, and movements in the broad culture of the period
For more than half a century, The Oxford Companion to American Literature has been an unparalleled guide to America's literary culture, providing one of the finest resources to this country's rich history of great writers.

There are over 2,000 biographical profiles of important American authors (with information regarding their style, subjects, and major works) and influential foreign writers as well as other figures who have been important in the nation's social and cultural history.
The Oxford Companion to British History covers all aspects of the history of Britain from 55 BC to the present day. Written by over 100 distinguished specialist contributors, the variety of entries provides a wealth of essential information touching all aspects of British history: political, economic, social, military, people, events, and institutions.
The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization provides an authoritative survey of the Greek and Roman worlds in all their aspects. Drawing on the latest edition of the higly praised Oxford Classical Dictionary, the Companion offers articles on diverse fields such as, history and politics; ethics and morals; law and punishment; social and family life; language, literature, and art; religion and mythology; technology, science, and medicine.
The third edition of The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature is the complete and authoritative reference guide to the classical world and its literary heritage. It not only presents the reader with all the essential facts about the authors, tales, and characters from ancient myth and literature, but it also places these details in the wider contexts of the history and society of the Greek and Roman worlds.
This Companion is the first authoritative reference source for the complex and captivating genre of the fairy tale. It provides full coverage of stories and characters, from Ali Baba, Aladdin, and Cinderella, to Hansel and Gretel, the Moomins, and Tom Thumb, along with the writers who wrote and reworked them, such as Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll, J. R. R. Tolkein, A. S. Byatt, and Gabriel García Marquez, and the artists who illustrated them, including Quentin Blake, Raymond Briggs, and Maurice Sendak. The Companion also examines related topics such as Disney, opera, science fiction, music, even advertising. Special survey articles explore the development of the fairy-tale tradition in individual countries, focusing particularly on the European and North American traditions.

Written by a team of 67 specialist contributors from around the world, this is an essential companion for anyone interested in literature, film, or art, or for anyone who values the traditions of storytelling.
The highlyacclaimed Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court was first published in 1992, since which time the Supreme Court has continued to write constitutional history. This new edition of the Companion has been fully updated and includes new entries on key cases and full treatment of crucial areas of constitutional law, such as abortion, freedom of religion, school desegregation, freedom of speech, voting rights, military tribunals, and the rights of the accused.
Written by more than 140 specialist contributors from Italy, Germany, and Japan, as well as the Allied nations, the Companion provides unique world-wide coverage of the subject. Every aspect of the war is covered including, detailed surveys of major countries; politics and grand strategy; domestic and economic issues; resistance and intelligence services; campaigns, battles, and military operations; warfare and weapons; wartime leaders and influential people; and slogans and phrases.
The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages is an essential new reference work covering all key aspects of European history, society, and culture from 500 to 1500 A.D., as well as the Byzantine Empire, Islamic dynasties, and Asiatic peoples of the era. It is designed both for medievalists, who need a detailed and reliable reference tool, and for students and general readers seeking an accessible guide to the period. Over 800 scholars have assembled thousands of comprehensive entries, lavishly supplemented by hundreds of illustrations and dozens of maps.
Coming soon! This database is currently unavailable. The expected activation date is January 30, 2013.
First published in 1977, this classic reference work is a gazetteer of almost 2,000 places - villages, towns, cities, and landscapes - in Britain and Ireland detailing their connections with the lives of famous writers. It invites the reader to explore the places where their favourite writers - from Jane Austen to Philip Pullman - were born, lived, were educated, worked, and drew inspiration. The entries elegantly interweave information with anecdote and quotation, to build a vivid picture of the day-to-day lives of the writers. The Guide is the ideal resource and companion for any literary pilgrimage in Britain or Ireland, and for the armchair literary traveller.

New to this edition are special feature entries on writers particularly associated with places, including the Brontes, Walter Scott, and James Joyce, contributed by high-profile authors including Margaret Drabble and John Sutherland. The Guide also provides an index of author names, with mini biographies, enabling the reader to track down all the places associated with their favourite writers
Over 400 entries cover Conrad's life (health, Polish inheritance, the sea, ships and voyages), people (Borys Conrad, Apollo and Ewa Korzeniowski, J. M. Barrie, Stephen Crane, Stefan Zeromski), places (America, Bangkok, Berdyczow, Congo, Cracow, Marseilles), novels (Almayer's Folly, Lord Jim, Nostromo), stories, essays, and reviews (‘An Anarchist’, ‘Typhoon’, ‘Autocracy and War‘, ‘Legends’, ‘Tales of the Sea’), influences and sources (James Brooke, Alighieri Dante, Charles Dickens, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emile Zola), characters (Almayer family, Mr Jones, Jim, Captain Mitchell, Nostromo, the Professor, Edith Travers), reputation (biographies, films, influences on other writers, portraits and other images, translations), and historical context (First World War, Polish question, women's suffrage movement).
Written in a lucid, easy style, The Oxford Reader’s Companion to Dickens draws together an unparalleled diversity of information on one of our greatest writers: his life, his works, his reputation, and his cultural context.

Dr Paul Schlicke and his distinguished team of contributors have created a unique volume that offers a more extensive and comprehensive range of information than any other reference work on Dickens, indispensible for students and general readers alike.
Under the editorial guidance of John Rignall, over 50 literary scholars from a variety of backgrounds offer here the latest thinking and expertise on George Eliot, providing a rich diversity of information and critical insight into her fiction and its contexts, invaluable for both students and general readers.
Norman Page, with the help of his team of expert contributors, presents here in one volume a unique synthesis of understanding and insight into the life and works of Thomas Hardy. By incorporating different national interests and traditions of scholarship, The Oxford Reader’s Companion to Hardy gives the assurance of sound knowledge, which is indispensable for students and general lovers of Hardy’s work.

Interest in the writing of Thomas Hardy never seems to falter, not just in scholarly circles but also among readers of Victorian fiction. Hardy was a prolific writer of both prose and poetry, he started writing in his teens and continued literally until the day of his death. His work is valued not only in terms of literature, but also in terms of the history, sociology, philosophy, folklore, and religion of his times.